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R Markdown v2

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People rarely agree on a best authoring tool or language. Some people cannot live without LaTeX{} because of the beauty and quality of its PDF output. Some feel{} uncomfortable{} with{} backslashes{}, and would rather live in another World Word. We have also witnessed the popularity of Markdown, an incredibly simple language (seriously? a LANGUAGE?) that has made reproducible research much easier.

Thinking of all these tools and languages, every developer will dream about “One ring to rule them all“. section{}, <h1></h1>, ===, #, … Why cannot we write the first-level section header in a single way? Yes, we are aware of the danger of “adding yet another so-called universal standard that covers all the previous standards”. However, we believe Pandoc has done a fairly good job in terms of “yet another Markdown standard”. Standing on the shoulders of Pandoc, today we are excited to announce the second episode of…

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